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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing in Canton, OH

As a full-service damage restoration service, WSC Construction and Restoration provides basement waterproofing. This service will help prevent future water damages, including mold, to your home or business. Call our office in Canton, OH, for more information.
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Interior Waterproofing

When we cannot perform exterior waterproofing, interior sealants are a good solution. For optimal results, we apply masonry sealants to unpainted concrete walls. Ask us if your structure would benefit from an interior floor drain system. We use SafeBasements™ products - SafeBasements™ specialize in manufacturing waterproofing and foundation repair products.
SafeBasements Educational Reference Guide
Basement Wall Seepage

Important Questions To Ask About A Drain System

  • Does it lower the water table?
  • Does it accept water from the walls?
  • Will it control radon gas?
  • Will it prevent erosion?”

What Causes Water Intrusion?

Water intrusion, moisture intrusion, or water ingress is a serious concern. In summary, we can say that water intrusion is the uncontrolled movement of water or water vapor into areas in a building where it is unwanted and undesirable. 
Water Intrusion

How Do We Fix a Wet Basement?

We have a few different methods to repairing wet basements, including water diversion, drain system utilization, and sump pump.
Basement WaterproofingSafeBasements

Drain System

Our system is installed alongside your basement wall with a rubber seal that pushes up against the wall to drain water. This also helps prevent hydrostatic pressure.

Water Diversion

A water diversion system is a unique in that it can be installed along the perimeter of your basement that involves a drain filled with rock that contains a perforated pipe This allows for water to be moved away from the wall.

Sump Pump

Sumps pumps are designed to draw water away from basement walls, control erosion, and improve the quality of air within your home. These are energy efficient and can be installed with a battery backup system in case your home loses power.
SafeBasements™ Sump Basket
  • 33 gallon capacity
  • Large opening for easy access
  • See-through polyplex glass lid
  • Easy 1/4 turn hardware
  • Radon seal - compatible with radon mitigation systems
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Indoor Air Quality

Stack Effect - Air quality control starts at your foundation and moves through your home. Keeping your basement or crawlspace mold free will improve the air quality throughout your home. Whole Home Dehumidifier - Regulate moisture throughout the entire home. Maintain comfortable atmosphere and ties into existing HVAC system.

Extra Measures

We can install gutters & downspouts to prevent water from pooling around your foundation or grade your yard so that it slopes away from your house.

Crawlspace Stabilizers & Encapsulation

SafeBase™ Stabilizers

  • 144,980 lb. Max capacity
  • 45,700 lb. Fully extended
  • 12” Adjustable threaded rod
  • Designed to fit in precast base
  • 25-year manufacturer's warranty
  • The strongest stabilizer in the industry.

Jack Posts

  • 18,000 lb. Max capacity
  • 9,000 lb. Fully extended
  • 8” Adjustable threaded rod
  • No extended warranties
  • Top plate can deflect under heavy loads

100% Guaranteed Services

WSC Construction and Restoration guarantees all of our work. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality services, using the best materials and technology for every job. If you have any problems, please give us a call.
Crawlspace Stabilizers

We are fully licensed & insured for your protection.

Don’t despair, WSC Construction and Restoration can start quickly to get your house back on the road to feeling like home. Contact us to schedule an inspection of your basement.


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