Roach Problem Can Be A Result of Your Water Damage Cleanup Problem

water damage cleanup columbus oh, water damage columbus oh, water damage repair columbus ohPests are constantly scouring for ways to fulfill their basic needs: food, shelter and water. Food isn’t the only thing that attracts cockroaches to your home. They also search for water and scout out areas with water damage. Expect them to converge to any moist, dark areas; even a small amount of moisture is enough for them.

Pest control experts recommend that you systematically deprive vermin of those needs in order to get rid of them. Water damage experts agree–close up any cracks around doors, windows and utility access areas. German cockroaches can survive for a few weeks without food, however, they will die within days of no access to water. Therefore, the water damage cleanup team at WSC Construction and Restoration recommends that you seal and repair any water leaks. You may not notice minor leaks, but rust around valves, fixtures and drains indicate the presence of water where it should not be.

Water Damage Cleanup Tips In Columbus OH

Regular house maintenance is key to keeping the home in a perfect condition. Your home maintenance plan should include checking the pipe installations and other fixtures. To discourage pests from inhabiting your home:

  • Remove any decaying plant matter from around your home
  • If there’s moisture in your basement, install a sump pump
  • Install dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from your home
  • Check and repair broken roof flashings
  • Clean any debris from the roof and gutters
  • Check the condition of your gutters, and observe how well they drain
  • Remove bird and insect nests from soffits and eaves
  • Check the condition of the downspouts and ensure that they are directed away from the foundations
  • Ensure that any runoff, including that which comes from dripping hose faucets, are channeled away from the foundation of your home
  • Inspect your chimney and make the necessary repairs
  • Ensure that no water can enter the chimney
  • Ensure that there is no earth within 6 inches to the siding of the home

In conclusion, you can prevent cockroach infestations by cutting off their basic supplies: food, shelter, and water. 

Cockroach Killing Basics

Most cockroach-repellent products available at the store will kill the pests upon contact. However, that’s not actually a permanent solution; not unless you conclusively fix the root of the problem– excess water. It doesn’t take much to go from just a single roach to an entire infestation. So,  be fastidious about your housekeeping.

First, make sure to always put your food away once you finish your meal. Don’t just let your leftovers stay on the kitchen counter. Secondly, don’t forget to take your trash out on a regular basis. Make sure the trashcan has a lid on it all the time.  Finally, keep your kitchen area clean. Sweep your floors and regularly clean your counters to make sure no remains of your meal are lying around to attract the unwanted visitors.

Water Damage Cleanup Can Help

Water damage in your home can come from a slow leak or a sudden burst. No matter the cause, the most important thinking you can do is to call the water damage cleanup experts for help immediately. You need to get the damp material out of your home or it may attract pests, encourage mold and cause material degradation. WSC will dispatch water damage cleanup technicians to rush to the site. The team will investigate the problem, make a plan for repairs, and begin clean up to reduce additional damage. 

Support In Columbus OH

When disaster strikes, call the water damage cleanup experts. We specialize in water and fire reconstruction and mitigation services. Based in Canton, OH, we work for customers in a 50+ radius around Stark County. If your property has incurred fire or water damage, call for help from the experts. 

Bob Straughn and his wife founded WSC Construction and Restoration in 2009 to help veterans with service-related injuries. Our company is an approved VA contractor, with a culture built around a servant’s heart focused on helping people when they need it most.